Zurple propelled a rookie agent in Southern California to market domination in two years


Tom O. was a one-person brokerage in a small, Mayberry-like town, population 26,000. A lot of transactions happened based on in-town relationships. Tom had not lived there very long, and only received his real estate license in late 2006.

Before Zurple

By 2007 and 2008, Tom was generating approximately three closings per year from friends or family members. His primary business consisted of practicing law because he found he could not make a living doing real estate full time.

Starting with Zurple

In late 2009, Tom became Zurple’s first client on a domination package, and began generating approximately 200 leads per month. “I took a chance with Zurple,” he says. “I felt that while community networking was important and will always be a great source of business, people were increasingly turning toward the Web to begin a search for a home and that I could use the Web to create relationships that would lead to closings.”

Results Two Years Later with Zurple

By the end of 2011, Tom’s return on his Zurple investment was 10-fold. He now has two top agents working with him. He is a member of Zurple’s board of directors and board of advisors, and perhaps Zurple’s most enthusiastic supporter.

“I feel that I am somewhat of a biased source because at this point I am on the board and an investor in Zurple, so potential Zurple clients should talk with someone other than me. That said, my enthusiasm for the Zurple product is overwhelming, and I would be happy to talk with anyone who may find my story to be helpful. Zurple made my brokerage, and I am very grateful.”

– Tom O.

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