Zurple brought younger clients to a veteran Prudential agent and made her #1 in her city two years straight.


Mary M. obtained her real estate license fresh out of college in the 1990s, began working at Coldwell Banker, and by the late 1990s was the top agent at her local Prudential office.

In 2002, she had a daughter, and began working part-time as an agent and full time as a mother. Six years later, with her daughter about to enter first grade, Mary was ready to jump back into real estate full time.

Before Zurple

Mary found that her old school methods of networking and door knocking were not producing the same results that they did for her in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Starting with Zurple

In 2009, Mary began using Zurple on a domination package. She was receiving approximately 100 to 200 leads per month. In her first four months she had no closings through Zurple clients, but a database of approximately 600 leads.

The results were not immediate, but Mary recognized that Zurple was generating a lot of leads, more than she ever experienced with networking. Zurple was also generating conversations. Potential home buyers were responding to Zurple’s automated yet personalized emails.

Results Three Years Later with Zurple

By the end of 2011, Mary was not only the #1 agent in her office, she was also the #1 agent in her city.

Mary noticed that in addition to a significantly higher transaction volume than she had ever experienced, her client profile had changed. Whereas before most of her business tended to be near her age group, Zurple was introducing her to clients that were significantly older and younger.

“I have had my agent license for 20+ years, and I would say over that time the two best career decisions I have made are concentrating on one area rather than spreading myself thin over many areas, and using Zurple. I cannot recommend Zurple highly enough.”

– Mary M.

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