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Zurple Reviews from Zurple Customers

Check out these Zurple reviews from real estate agents & teams

Zurple keeps me accountable to and connected with my leads. It works for me, and it is the best possible fit for my business.

Chadd Z., Vail, CO

Chad Z., Vail, CO Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple is a smart interactive system that sends out replies based on the lead behavior. There are no canned responses and people respond really well to that.

Pete Z., New York

Pete Z., New York Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple is innovative and awesome! The way they engage leads is the best in the business! Thanks Zurple for working my business even when I am away from the office.

Kate B., Washington

Kate B., Washington Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple has allowed me to continue producing in an active manner. I can focus on servicing my leads instead of passively sitting at open houses.

Coleen B., Corona del Mar, CA

Coleen B., Corona del Mar, CA Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple is a user-friendly system. My whole team uses it on a daily basis and we consistently see big results.

Bob M., Syracuse, NY

Bob M., Syracuse, NY Zurple Customer Reviews

In the 5 months since I have implemented Zurple software to help me engage my leads from Zillow and other sources, I can attribute 3 closed transactions based on Zurple’s automated emails to potential clients that would have slipped through the cracks. As a result of Zurple’s follow ups I have been able to grow my business into a business of three agents, working off of my lead referrals.

Anthony B., Rochester, NY

Anthony B., Rochester, NY Zurple Customer Reviews

I’d sooner give up my car– which is my dream car– than my Zurple software. I’m not sure how I’d sell real estate without a car, but I’d find a way.

Stormi G., Norman, OK

Stormi G., Norman, OK Zurple Customer Reviews

When you can combine an excellent product with a great salesman it can make magic. That’s what Zurple and Roberto Lara have done for me. I am a Zurple fan, a fan because it makes me money. I am a Roberto Lara fan because he makes me money because he doesn’t just sell product. He stands behind it, supports it and makes me a happy customer. Don’t buy Zurple in my marketplace. I’m greedy and want it all.

Larry W., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Larry W., Fort Lauderdale, FL Zurple Customer Reviews

Be patient with lead nurturing! A sales cycle can take three months, a year or even longer. Trust the process and use Conversations to help you build meaningful relationships with your leads.

Kenny T., California

Kenny T., California Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple has been great for my business. I started with Zurple to start my real estate career off on the right foot and haven’t looked back since. Definitely a worthwhile investment if you are a pro-active agent.

Shawn C., Texas

Shawn C., Texas Zurple Customer Reviews

Since I started in August of 2011 I have closed 1 Transaction for $243K and have another one closing May 2012. I would recommend your company and your excellent service to any agent who gets what you guys do

Kim B., Jupiter, FL

Kim B., Jupiter, FL Zurple Customer Reviews

I highly recommend Zurple lead systems. I have converted many leads to home buyers. It has the best search engines and back office to track leads and what they are looking for. The best aspect of the system is not having to call your leads constantly. The Zurple system automatically emails your leads and engages them in email conversations about properties they are interested in. It is the best lead generation system available!

Tammy M., Longboat Key, Florida

Tammy M., Longboat Key, Florida Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple lead generation is an agent’s best friend, at least that is my experience! I have been with Zurple for over a year and right now I am so super busy! I will continue to make Zurple a partner in my real estate career!

Laura L., Seattle, WA

Laura L., Seattle, WA Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple has provided enough closed transactions in the first 3 months of the year to cover my total yearly investment. Can’t ask for more.

Craig V., Florida

Craig V., Florida Zurple Customer Reviews

My team and I absolutely love Zurple’s back office! The leads are great and high quality, but Zurples’s proprietary technology makes it so easy to keep in touch with no effort. Posting our listings to Craigs List is simple and can be done from the back office as well. My team and I add all of our personal leads to the back office because it is such a great way of keeping in touch. Thanks Zurple for making our lives easier!

Glenda V., Murfreesboro, TN

Glenda V., Murfreesboro, TN Zurple Customer Reviews

Zurple has given me a great advantage over other Agents. It is an easy program to use and the automated emails keep you in front of clients constantly!

Paul C., Destin, FL

Paul C., Destin, FL Zurple Customer Reviews
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