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“Thanks to Zurple, our sales have increased 30%. We are now in the top 5 agents in our market. Before Zurple, we were in the top 30.”

Leo G.
Foster Hamilton Real Estate

“Zurple is precise, efficient and customized. The behavior-triggered system delivers great results.”

Mark G.
Christiana Realty

“My sales from Zillow leads have increased by 10% since I became a Zurple user.”

Melissa T.
Century 21 All Service

“Zurple has played a big part in helping me establish myself in a new state…It introduced me to many buyers who were looking in the area. Some bought quickly”

Suzanne T.
RE/MAX Unlimited

“Zurple truly has a great product that continues to bring success to our clients. Our employees elevate each other.  We are all passionate about making sure our clients are successful. Zurple is a great company to work for.”

Oscar C.
Mihara & Associates Inc.

“With Zurple’s messaging, leads contact me years later. There’s no way I could remember to follow up with leads from years ago”.

Marcia M.
RE/MAX DFW Associates

“When I started with Zurple’s platform, I also started with At this time, I ultimately started working on online lead capturing. I quickly learned that the leads I received from Zurple were higher quality than the other online leads I was generating.”

Danny M.
First Team Real Estate
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