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From Real Estate Lead Generation to Client Generation

Zurple’s end-to-end software captures real estate leads and converts them into Conversations™ and clients.

Branded Home Search Website

Zurple launches home search websites for each target area that you serve. Some agents using Zurple have as many as 10 Zurple websites to target subareas within their city.

Zurple Home Page

Drive Leads into Zurple Software

Many Zurple customers purchase search engine marketing services from Zurple to ensure a steady flow of new leads each month are driven into their Zurple software. In addition, about half of Zurple customers pull in leads they generate from Zillow or other sources.

Home Search Google Results

Analyze Lead Behavior

Zurple provides you with a complete profile of each lead’s search behavior so you can start Conversations™ that will make your lead want to engage. Zurple will tell you the lead’s location, the properties and property types the lead prefers, every search the lead has performed, and more.

Real Estate Lead Behavior Analysis

Focus on the Real Buyers

Zurple’s patent-pending software analyzes all lead behavior and uses algorithms to determine which of your leads are most likely to be real home buyers in the near future. Based on the algorithm, Zurple notifies you if a lead returns to view the same property multiple times, saves a property as a favorite, or exhibits aggressive search behavior correlated with buying a home in the near future.

Mobile Real Estate Lead Alert

Personalized Follow-Up

Like a personal assistant working on your behalf, Zurple will email your leads for you. Each lead will receive timely, valuable, relevant and insightful messages that spawn Conversations™. Emails reference specific preferences and search behavior of the individual lead, demonstrating that you provide valuable messages and are paying attention to your lead’s needs.

Real Estate Home Buyers Reading Email

Convert Leads to Clients

Zurple’s highly personalized follow-up messages generate Conversations™that culminate in appointments to view homes. Leads become appointments (and clients) when you contact them at the right time with the right message. With the timely and targeted information provided by Zurple, you can engage your best leads in a personalized and relevant way, turn leads into appointments, and turn appointments into closings.

Real Estate Home Buyer Signing Contract



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