Unique Features

Tracks Lead Behavior

Zurple provides a complete online profile of each lead, including preferred properties, price range, geographic location, and more.

Unique Features

Alerts You When a Lead Should Be Contacted

Zurple notifies you immediately when the time is right to contact a specific lead based on the lead’s behavior. Each notification recommends specific properties and market data to reference to start a conversation that will be optimally relevant and valuable to the lead.

Unique Features

Starts Conversations™ with Your Leads

Zurple intelligently engages leads on your behalf by sending personalized emails to each lead from your email address. The emails reference specific properties and market data that will be valuable to the lead based on the lead’s behavior.

These personalized emails demonstrate you are paying attention to your lead’s needs and are a market expert in ways that personally matter to them.

Zurple’s growth has been fueled by this patent-pending, game-changing feature.

Unique Features

Generates Leads in the Markets You Prefer

Zurple can target subareas and not just cities and zip codes. By limiting paid traffic on Google and elsewhere to your specific area, Zurple optimizes your marketing budget by only advertising to your most valuable audience.

Unique Features

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